Distance casts long shadows across your mind. It mixes with all those 2am worries, 3am fears and 4am crying sessions, turns into something physical and dark and looming. If you let it, distance becomes a chasm that stretches far and wide over your thoughts.

I think the hardest thing about distance is believing that you can overcome it. There are days when you’ll focus on the distance - your mind will snag on the ugly realization that you can’t be there for them the way someone else could. You’ll get stuck on the idea that you can’t really be there when it matters, that you can’t really be there at all. You can only be there in fleeting moments, little snap-snots of their lives - days or weeks at best. And then you’ll have to spend countless more apart again. But you have to stop yourself from letting distance amount to more than what it really is - numbers, miles, the space between two points in time. You have to teach yourself how to stare into the abyss without getting lost in it. You have to find ways to bridge the gap and get to the other side, and then come up with more ways to keep at it when the first two, three, or seven ways you tried all fell apart.

Distance is hard. Distance is maddening. Distance is work. But when it feels like the chasm is too great, when you feel like you’ll never bridge it, you have to think about that person state-lines, oceans, or even countries away from you and say: you and I are not impossible. And you have to believe it, too.

My 5am rants

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When you’re in a LDR and you see a couple kissing, you just wanna:



What I’d give to be on a plane to you right now…




nothing worth having comes easy!


nothing worth having comes easy!

You don’t cause me to run into
your arms after all our months apart.
You are so much more than the
excitement of such a thing.

You are what makes me instead
drop my bags
and my fears along with them
and wonder how I ever
survived all those months without you
in the first place.

You are my best piece of
everything, you are
not roller coaster emotions or
extremes of any kind except

You are stability.
The one I want holding me.
The one I want to hold.
When I Look At You, I’m Home. (via redeemingthelostcause)

Being in a LDR and seeing cute couples everywhere.



I’m jealous of the people who get to see you everyday.
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We, as women, fight for our selves every day. We fight to be ourselves. Not to lose ourselves. We have to fight to tell the truth. Because what we aren’t supposed to do, as women, is tell the truth. We are supposed to be silent — to smile and look pretty. To feel fulfilled in unfulfilling lives. To be happy and cheery and perky at all times, emanating positivity like fucking TV moms and robot cheerleaders. We aren’t supposed to make anyone uncomfortable with things like feelings or reality. Our emotions and our vulnerability are used against us in the most hateful and violent ways.
Whining about boys in bars: On feminism and loving men (via feministcurrent)

(via feministcurrent)

"I’m sick and tired of being taken for granted by the people who I care about."


- Capricorn (zodiacsociety)

The Signs as Arctic Monkeys songs


Aries: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Taurus: Arabella

Gemini: From The Ritz To The Rubble

Cancer: 505

Leo: This House Is A Circus

Virgo: Fake Tales Of San Francisco

Libra: Baby I’m Yours

Scorpio: Crying Lightning

Sagittarius: Brianstorm

Capricorn: Mardy Bum

Aquarius: Old Yellow Bricks

Pisces: Piledriver Waltz

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